Whispering Pines Animal Kingdom - The best live animal educational program available!
Whispering Pines provides an amazing animal adventure!  We bring the animals to you with our "class act" educational programs.  We bring about 9 animals from around the world including a skunk ( don't worry he's descented! ), kinkajou, coatimundi, kangaroo, hedgehog, fennec fox, and rare reptiles.  Each program lasts approximately 50 minutes and we include a safe and unque hands on experience that will amaze and educate children and adults of all ages! Our presentations are perfect for schools, nursing homes, church events, birthday parties, scouts, libraries and much more! 

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     (810)359-0039 or (810)334-4680


                                                                                                 Fun at the Sanilac District Library!
      USDA Licensed & Insured
             Established 1999
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